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I honestly think that this site finishes the role of introducing Japanese tea ceremony or chado since there are plenty of useful sites on the net in these days. Now, I have no idea how this page would be. I may not add new features, but I will reconsider and edit the contents.

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I am not able to update this site due to my work as a professional student :-)  Some information here is not reflect on my current understanding of Chado.  It takes a life time to learn Chado; that is, my understanding of Chado will continuously change throughout my life.  Please visit many sites as possible from the link page in order to know different perceptions of Chado.  

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Thank you for your support and great comments.  I am not able to manage the guest book, such as deleting comments with inappropriate words, anymore.  Please understand closing the guest book.  Due to the time restriction, I may not be able to answer all emails.  Although I try my best, please understand it, too.  Thank you, again.

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