The rule of Making Usucha (thin tea)---Basic Idea

Serve the sweets.
Bow to the guest.

Prepare in the tearoom

Place the tools (the chawan-teabowl, the chasen-tea whisker, the chashaku-teascoop, the natsume-container of grained tea powder, etc.)
Purify the tools such as the natsume, and the chashaku with the fukusa (silk cloth).
Check the chasen. First, pour the hot water into the chawan. Then, put the chasen into the chawan, and raise the chasen in order to check the tines.
Rinse the chasen.
Wipe the chawan with the chakin (linen cloth).

"Please take the sweets."

Making Tea

Scoop the powdered green tea from the natsume.
Put the powdered green tea into the chawan.
Whisk the thin tea.
Turn the chawan clockwise twice with your right hand to show the front to the guests.
Serve the tea.

Clean Up

Pour the hot water into the chawan, and discard the water into the kensui (waste-water receptacle).
Clean the chasen above the chawan pouring the hot water, and rinse the chasen in the chawan. Discard the water into the kensui again.
Clean the chashaku with the fukusa.
Place the tools again.
Return to the entrance with the tools.

Bow to the guests.

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